thought experiment

thought experiments: trolley problem

  1. knighthare said:

    amongst our many ideas for experimental philosophy.

  2. limcm said:

    the drooling girl gives us a bad name

    • "ziwei" said:

      >”< because she is drooling? or because she misses the point of thought experiments?
      i hope it's not the former… cause i think i look like that sometimes.

  3. Stephe said:

    luring the fabled ‘fat man’ to the tracks has to open a whole new can of worms in Ethics. Hahaha!

    • "ziwei" said:

      i wonder whether failing to lure the ‘fat man’ to the track before the train comes counts as an omission…

  4. yeu@nn said:

    hi ziwei! i see influences of xkcd lurking around… =D v v nice! 😀

    • "ziwei" said:

      haha, thanks! 😀

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