diary of an umbrella: written on its underside.

a tale of two brollies

  1. cm said:

    this is abstruse. really.

    • "ziwei" said:

      >”< is it? it was supposed to be simple. @@

  2. cm said:

    i dont understand!

    • "ziwei" said:

      it’s just a love affair between two umbrellas. assuming that umbrellas can think. @@ like pinky and the brain shows how two mice (more like one mouse actually) attempt to take over the world, assuming that lab rats can talk.

  3. Andrew said:

    Bleak! I didn’t know you had such cynicism towards relationships! 🙂 even if just umbrellas.. I thought it was mushrooms for a bit. Nicer that it’s umbrellas tho!

    • "ziwei" said:

      :3 i think it’s beautiful though. they die together! (possibly in old age and conjugal bliss.)

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