the perils of dating math majors

the perils of dating math majors

trivia: there are only 31 integers  that cannot be expressed as a sum of distinct squares–the smallest being 2, and the largest, 128.

+ a geeky shout-out :

if  friendship could be represented in a simple graph, where the y-axis was depth or importance of the relationship, laid across the x-axis of time, and if the area under each graph could somehow be worked out,  sequentially reordered (in ascending order), and multiplied across by a constant infinitesimal (if infinities do occur, as they very well might),  there is little doubt that you would come out somewhere at the end of my well-ordered list.

happy birthday, Ray.

p.s.: i think this is possibly the mushiest thing i have ever said. but this is also in celebration of us hitting the base of our standard number system, so i guess it is well-justified.

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  1. rui said:

    heh i think you’ve taken our collective geekiness to a new level! thanks so much for the lovely comic, and very thoughtful – our whole class belongs to ‘the misfits’, much better than the original prime number suggestion!

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