photos from Hainan, part 1/2 (caution: images may take a while to load, please be patient)

chickens in a coop

cooped up pigeons

I stumbled upon a local market stashed away in a grungy alley.

The sight of these birds packed into rusty metal cages made me cringe.

But hey, other than the brief period before they are sold, these birds lead mostly free range lives.

If this scene  is sufficient to evoke pity and repugnance, what more the plight of factory farmed animals?

– – – – –

a little girl in a dubious neighbourhood

from cradle

clothes hanging in the middle of a narrow corridor

to grave

on a cable car ride...

these people live

difficult, nondescript, yet  immensely vibrant lives

note: first four pictures were taken in haikou (海口), and the last picture is an aerial shot of a cluster of people “of the floating world” (蛋家人)


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