photos from Hainan, part 2/2 (caution: images may take a while to load, please be patient)

the most putrid of places, stripped down to its purely visual elements, are  (surprisingly?) beautiful.

crates and cranes

perhaps, a place that denies its inhabitants the aesthetic pleasures of  olfactory sensations can only be rendered livable if it provides recompense in some other.

broken bridges

under the hypnotic gauze of twilight, i briefly believed that i  would want to stay forever,

a kind of life

in this noxious floating world.

– – – – –

lines that demarcate a space

i sometimes wish that singapore had visible transmission cables.

the delicate lines they draw across the sky divide space into parallel portions.

i find that vaguely pleasing, somehow.

– – – – –

dancing streams of water at night

i came across this musical fountain while strolling in a park.

it’s like awesome fireworks on a budget.

— – – –

note: the first three pictures were taken at boao (博鳌), the fourth at sanya (三亚) and the last at haikou (海口)


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