an elephant and a cat walk into a bar……

the curious case of hobbit elephant and giant cat

Dear Cabinet-of-Basket-Cases,

you are cordially welcome to take part in the Animal Welfare Symposium (see logo above, in blue) 2010.

join us for discussions on the newest publications on animal welfare, like:

“why cats should be fat: scientists discover strong correlation between morbid obesity and escalated serotonin levels in cats”

as well as “501 ways of preparing gourmet peanuts for finicky elephants”

participants of the symposium can also expect presentations by distinguished speakers on the subject of animal cruelty, including:

“miniature elephants temporarily removed from national gallery: tourists take issue with their spiky tusks”,

and  “giant fat cats terrorize people with searing laser vision–a japanese cinema special”

I look forward to seeing you at the AWS.

Au Revoir,

The Drawer


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