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a rich and smart chicken would have a pet robot

it would have a pet robot that smites enemies and makes it turkey sandwiches

it would have a pet robot that tells security officers that the chicken is an important and powerful chicken

so the rich and smart chicken can enter VIP suites and be the IT chicken of fancy cocktail parties.

be a rich and smart chicken. hire a pet robot today.

chicken with robot

the categorical imperative

yes, it’s a chicken.

yes, the chicken is holding a wand.

and yes, for once, the cats have been overthrown

from their reign as alien overlords.

in other news, this really is a spoof

of kant’s second formulation of the categorical imperative,

as well as a  jibe at our participation in systems

that contribute to factory farming, global poverty,

and other global ethical conundrums

that we seem to tacitly endorse.

have a nice day.

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